Author Topic: problem with Baking For UDIM in newest substance painter ?  (Read 145 times)

theres any guide for baking UDIM in newest substance painter ? because i think there is a lot issue need to fix.

1. iam just finished baking texture for 20 UV tiles, but when i want baking again just one uv tile because i just need to fix one uv tile for some reason, the rest finished texture baked is gone and cannot re-assign to Mesh maps. so i need to baking all uv tile and take a time again ?. there is a away to not re-baking all texture ?

2. cannot import and assign baked UDIM texture from another baking tools progam (Xnormal,etc.) . image squences not working. just working if the texture is exported from substance.

You can bake by tile by doing the following:

To apply a texture to a tile just use a fill layer and use UDIM masking ( only have the tile you want selected to use that texture ).

Otherwise you can turn UV Repeat to None and just manually offset, but this shouldn't be needed with the masking feature.