Author Topic: Buy Maintenance before expiration of existing license  (Read 1141 times)

I am a user of Substance Designer and Painter. My indie license maintenance ends on 01-12-2020 and 28-11-2020 respectively. These dates are beyond 31st Oct,2020 which is supposed to be the last date to renew existing perpetual licenses.
Now my problem is that I can not find out how to buy maintenance from substance 3d 'licenses' management page.

The only option there is : Upgrade license which is not what I want. It is priced as $150 which is double the maintenance cost ($75).
So my question here is that: Is there a way to buy maintenance before expiry date? Otherwise I will not be able to buy it before 31st Oct,2020. Also will there be any discount around the last date of renewal?

There seems to be only one way of upgrading as of now : i.e buying substance from Steam and that will also replace my existing license with new, effectively upgrading my license for a whole year.