Author Topic: Questions regarding steam license for SubstanceDesigner, linking steam and SAT  (Read 1598 times)

1. The steam perpetual license gives free updates until the end of 2020. If I want updates during 2021, do I have to buy a new perpetual license from steam at full price? How can I keep my perpetual license and keep getting updates for the next year?

2. What is the Substance Automation Toolkit exactly? Is some kind of python library for substance designer? What does it offer that I can't do already by coding a python script in the python editor?

3. Can I access the Substance Automation Toolkit if I have a steam license? Can I access it by linking the steam account to the allegorithmic account?

4. What are the benefits from linking my steam account?

5. What's the downside of linking the steam account? The page says 'This page allows you to convert your Steam license into a standalone license'
Does this mean that I lose my perpetual license from steam to obtain another type of license?

Thank you for your time to answer this questions

1. We usually have upgrade coupons when the version for the next year comes out or starts pre-orders. If you upgrade later in 2021 you would likely pay the full price unless you wait for a Steam sale.

2. The SAT is a collection of tools: it includes the Substance Designer Python API but can be ran as a standalone, it also includes command line tools for the bakers.

3. You can request access to the SAT if you have your license linked to a Substance account.

4. Linking your Steam account will give you updates for 1 year starting on your purchase date, rather than for a calendar year. It will also of course allow you to not have to launch Steam to use the tools.

5. You won't lose your Steam license, you will just have both a stand alone and a Steam license.

Thanks for answering!