Author Topic: Exporting Masks with UVTILE  (Read 204 times)


Im having trouble getting layer masks exported directly from the channels(right clicking on a mask and selecting "export mask to file") now that they span over UVtiles . Ive tried a handful of tags to get the to export out with no luck .
Any pointers? I've tried adding a (UDIM) <udim> etc before the file extension with no avail.

thank you for your time !

wanted to bump this - anyone have any luck / ideas?


Sadly exporting masks only works if the mask is present in tile 1001. Most likely something that was missed.

I submitted a request about this, I'll update here when I hear back.

Edit: I was told it is a known issue and being looked at to get fixed.  :)
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Just to confirm this is a known issue, we will look into fixing it at some point.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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