Author Topic: Installing Python Extension Libraries  (Read 80 times)

Hey everybody,

Something I have been wondering for a while is how to install 3rd party Python libraries into the Substance Designer Python environment, if its even possible. It seems like it should be since the Python setup in the Program Files is virtually the same as the Desktop install. I'm just not sure how to actually do it. Is it possible to use pip somehow or is there some more manual way to do it?

There are so many incredible libraries that I want to implement into my Substance scripts but I am limited by my knowledge on how to set up environments and this topic is very difficult to find online for this specific case. I would like to be able to install libraries for database connections (other than sqlite3), machine learning, image processing, array tools, etc.

I'm also hoping this will translate into other Python enabled software like Nuke, 3ds Max, Maya, etc.. If it doesn't let me know. I would just really love to understand how to set up these custom Python environments within software to take my tools to the next level.