Author Topic: sbsupdater seems to update dependencies incorrectly  (Read 116 times)

When I update .sbs files with sbsupdater, it seems that relative dependencies to other sbs files like:
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<dependency><filename v="../../common_dependencies/"/>are updated to be relative the working directory of sbsupdater, instead of realtive to the sbs file that is being updated.

For example, if I run sbsupdater from a different part of the directory tree, I might end up with something like:
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<dependency><filename v="../../../../substance_source/common_dependencies/"/>This means that these dependencies cannot be found when loading the file after the update.

I am using the latest sbsupdater (version 10.1.1) and use the following command to update the sbs files:
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"/root/Substance_Automation_Toolkit/sbsupdater" --input "/scratch_space/substancegraphs/substance_source/Wood/stylized_scratched_wood_planks/" --alias sbs:///root/Substance_Automation_Toolkit/resources/packages --output-path {inputPath}
A work-around is to run sbsupdater only in the directory that contains the sbs file, although I think this is not the intended behaviour.

Hello Paul,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I appreciate your patience!

I have run sbsupdater on a test SBS with a dependency outside of the SBS directory tree, which is on a different drive altogether than sbsupdater. This is the command line used for the test:
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sbsupdater.exe --input "D:\Downloads\dep-main-01\dep-main\" --alias "sbs://C:/Program Files/Allegorithmic/SAT-10-1-3/resources/packages/" --output-path {inputPath}
The SBS was updated from the 201904 format to 202001 with the dependency path left untouched. The test was performed on Windows with versions 10.1.1 and 10.1.3 of sbsupdater. I will test on Linux as well and let you know about the results.

Please provide these additional details so I can better assess the issue:
  • Which exact SBS version are you updating from to 202001?
  • Can you reproduce the issue with the latest version of sbsupdater (10.1.3)?
  • Is the scratch_space folder in your example at the same directory level than the root folder? Is there anything particular about this folder?
Thank you for your help!

Best regards,
QA Analyst
Substance Designer Team