Author Topic: Need Feedback! My first non-tutorial SD creation: Procedural Oak tree branches.  (Read 1804 times)

Hello there!
I'm new to Substance Designer and this forum, and I'm not even entirely sure if I've posted this in the right place, but I'd like to show my first SD creation that was not simply me following a tutorial. I've created some procedural Oak tree branches.

When creating game assets such as trees, you often can't simply put hundreds of thousands of individual rectangles with a leaf texture on the tree due to performance issues, and what I've seen from assets on, say, the UE4 marketplace has led me to believe that you should use textures that are made up of multiple leaves and small branches. Because Quixel doesn't provide these and just provides Atlases of individual leaves, I have constantly been wondering how to make an asset that uses their leaves but doesn't hit performance heavily. One might say to use Photoshop, but that doesn't really solve the problem of branches (everything but the leaves), and I'm not sure how to create multiple maps (i.e. BaseColor, Normal, Rough, Translucency, etc) on Photoshop that are aligned correctly and such. My creation attempts to solve this problem by allowing you to put in your own atlases, which are then placed on small branches (with a Tile Sampler). These small branches are then placed on larger branches (with another Tile Sampler). Everything is procedural except for the Quixel bitmaps, I think (if my definition of procedural isn't incorrect!). You could, for example, change the branch length by editing the length of certain Capsule shapes, change the grain of the wood by editing the noises, or change how bendy the branches are by editing other parts of the graph. I have not exposed any parameters yet because I'm not sure which ones to expose and even if I did, I'm not sure how to have changing one parameter change others in the exact same way (as of right now).

Unfortunately, the graph seems to take ~11 GB of RAM. I'm wondering if there's ways I could optimize my graph. Since I'm new, I figured I may have used sub-optimal techniques for quite a few steps in the process.

I'm also wondering how I could make it look better (more realistic!).

As a new user, creating this took around 5 days @ 3-ish hours a day. (I learned a few things though!)

Feedback is super-appreciated! I wanted to attach a zipped folder with the sbs file, but I kept getting error messages. :/

Maybe there is another website where I could provide the sbs file...

Thanks All,