Author Topic: UDIMS and seams  (Read 2002 times)

Is there any settings to prevent seams in the thikness, curvature map?

Hmm if i turn on normalization to ray distance i get a really flat thikness map.
And the curvature is getting really high contrast.

I have exactly the same problem.
Seams on Curvature and thickness bakes. No issues in Mari tho.

The thickness issue is known and it's because it's currently based on the bounding box of each tile, but the screenshot here looks like a different issue.
Did you bake this curvature in Painter?

Hi Jeremie. how is it going?
Yes the map is baked in Sp. The Noise on the mesh is pretty confusing - its a SD3 export from Zbrush.
I am already in Production with this model - using displacements, spec maps, diffuses - all working seamless across multiple 3d softwares.
Iam not using a high mesh. I bake "from lowmesh", Polyflow is all quads.
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Something's definitely wrong. Would you be able to share this mesh with us?

great, I pmd you a part of the file via link to my NAS, Could take 15 sec to wake up. Thank you.
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I'll copy paste what I replied to you via email:
The main culprit is the intensity that's different per tile based on their size in the scene. We don't have a solution to automate it entirely yet, but you can deactivate the auto-tonemapping and enter manual values instead.
In your case, I found that using a value of -10 to 10 worked well.

Thanks for getting me a good solution here, that helped!
I will use this settings for such meshes on my other projects they work pretty good on the full body too!
fixed the Seam issues.
To the base noise we see on the mesh - I figured out that this Subdivision/export already has them on the mesh.
Seems like a collapsed ZBrush noise. (I am only working with the mesh on a project)