Author Topic: How to assign linear gradient on selected polygons  (Read 540 times)


I know how to assign linear gradient to the whole object:
Assign material, add black mask, add generator and it's ready

But i need to select a group of polygons on the 3d object
I don't wanna assign linear gradient to the whole object but only to selected group of polygons

I assgin material,add black mask, use fill polygon and get these polygons painted to assigned material but i don't know how to add linear gradien to it since i can't add new black mask

What to do???

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How can i add 2 masks to the material??

The first mask is needed for generator and the second mask is needed for color selection
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One workaround is nesting your gradient layer inside a folder, and then giving the folder it's own mask.

I figured out how to use your solution - thanks, it works!