Author Topic: Mask Editor Introducing seams from seamless Mesh maps -Partially Solved-  (Read 643 times)

I'm hoping to find out if this is a known issue or limitation with the mask editor I should just expect to have to work around:

*SPainter version: 2020.2.0 (6.2.0)
*my baked maps (baked in Toolbag3) have no visible seams and have plenty of edge padding.
*all baked maps and models look as expected in SP's viewport. (no visible seams)
*Mask generators create glaring seams using only my mesh maps for generation.
      -Main issue is with curvature masking.  Seams begin to show up at the upper levels of the "fine" settings, and everything above that is bad enough to be unusable.
      -AO masking introduces very minor seams by comparison.
      -No visible seams in WSNormal, position, or thickness masking

In the attached image, all variables are turned off except what's highlighted in green.
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For anyone interested, a little more investigation turned up an explanation for what's causing this:

Substance is generating these masks by heavily blurring the Curve map, which introduces seams when nearby edge padding has striped or wildly different values.  It's essentially creating similar problems you'd run into if you didn't have enough padding, but in this case, it's caused by the padding method itself.  You can test this by loading your curve map into a fill layer alpha, adding a blur filter and playing with the values.

One partial way to mitigate this is by creating your edge padding manually in Photoshop by running the "Solidify C" filter from Flaming Pear (Free here: ).  This still creates lots of seams to fix, but I'll take a partial solution if I can get it! 

I wonder if it would be possible in future SP versions for mask generation to be "smarter" by blurring while taking UV seams into account somehow?