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Today I bought the latest version of Substance Designer because of this bug occuring in Substance Designer 4. I'm still learning the program and haven't had any issues in the first 2 hours of navigating the program and testing things out.
After a while of trying out some things, nodes stopped rendering thumbnails. The issue is fixed by saving, closing the application and loading up the project again. Although if any change is made, it cascades all the way down the tree. All thumbnails become red. Obviously this makes working on creating anything extremely hard.

Here's what I mean:

The top tile generator is identical to the lower one except that I changed a minor value. This happens with any value I'm changing. If I were to change something about the polygon, it would affect everything down to the Invert Grayscale node.

I've tried everything suggested in this thread:
Which is: deleting the registry entry (Which I have saved), deleting the databases and restarting my PC

And here:
Where the suggestion was made to click on the wrench and press clean up. Which only deleted all the nodes. Once I undid that action, all of the nodes were red, effectively doing the opposite of what I want.

I've also turned off my antivirus software before marking it as trustworthy. (Kaspersky Total Security)

Since I've been encountering the issue on both versions of Substance Designer, I'm suspecting that it must be some incompatibility issue with my PC? I can provide a DXDiag report.

While writing this I did however find a dirty workaround that fixes the issue for seemingly one branch of the node tree. Right clicking the node and activating the "View Output In 2D View".

Thank you very much for your help. I'm really at a loss here and would love to continue as soon as possible.

Edit: Sorry about the many same attachments, I had some issues sending in the bug report when I've written down the wrong letters (unlikely), then it told me, I had not selected a log or something, rinse and repeat until it finally went through.
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For the thumbnails to be computed, you should plug your nodes into outputs. This is what trigger thumbnail computation (you can also double click on each nodes).
Create a new template PBR to automatically have output nodes in your graph or you can create yours by hitting space and searching "output" (in this case, you will have to define usages of each outputs created)

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Thank you very much for the reply! I've figured out the double click method yesterday and got as far as to plug things into outputs. (Which just as you said fixed the problem more permanently) I think I really shouldn't have skipped the tutorials after the 4th video, but I just got super anxious to get right into it!

I've finished my material yesterday without any further problems!

I don't think I can ever go back again to making high res textures by hand..

Yes, once you start to know how to use Designer, it's difficult to go back !  ;D 

There is basic knowledge required to start using Designer and tutorials are perfect for this.

Have fun with Designer !

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