Author Topic: How do I see correct height preview in Substance painter?  (Read 778 times)

I've been trying to find out how the scale value of height map works on Arnold5 through substance painter.

First, I make a Poly Plane to draw height, and a Cube, which has 1.0 high to confirm the height.
Import them into Substance Painter.
Setting the DISPLACEMENT & TESSELLATION enabled. The Source Channel is set to Height, The Scale is set to 0.5 which is MAX.
Draw a line which has 1.0 value of height onto the poly plane.

Then you can see 0.5 high line on the preview.

Export the height map with 32bit, and connect to displacement and render with Arnold in Maya.
Then you can see 1.0 high line with the render view.

I think it's just because the Scale value of the DISPLACEMENT & TESSELLATION is set to 0.5, isn't it?

So, I go back to Subptance Painter, add the Levels which has 0.5 value of maximum, into the layer which has the Height.
Actually, It worked, I could see exactly the same deformation as Arnold. But I don't want to do that because I have to hide the Levels before exporting, in order to make the displacement map correct. More than that, it just doesn't make sense.

Is there any other way to see the height preview correct?
And I wanna know the reason why 0.5 is set as a max value on the displacement preview scale. Not 1.0 or more

Thank you :)

I should've posted this to Technical Support not here... But I still would love to know your opinion!
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