Author Topic: Any good technique for that ( propeller oil leaks and leading edge erosion )  (Read 795 times)

Title quite self explanatory, I tried hand scratching the leading edge with " Cement 1 " brush with a bare metal paint but it looks kinda fake, am looking for a more natural way, like " sanding by air/small impacts " and letting the various paint layers ( mean real paint layers ) appears as it sands thru. Don't know if it make sense.

Also, am looking for simulating these light and thin oil leaks from the propeller hub, centrifugated from the hub up to the tip. The oil leaks particles didn't shown great results.

Thanks :)

Not any ideas ?

Hey there,
I would revisit the particle system for that. Using the rain or leaks - try starting your stroke from the hub and using the GlobalWind, Gravity, Friction, etc... to get the centrifuge effect. The power of the particles is in the emitter/receiver controls.

Other than that you could paint them in manually.