Author Topic: Crash upon opening a file after GPU drivers update on Alienware  (Read 1018 times)

Hey all,
Im running latest SP version 6.2.0 and recently I had a message pop up every time I run SP to update my GPU drivers. I also noticed that any Iray image I save is empty (0 bytes) - I thought it could be related to GPU drivers so I updated them to latest version. After the update Im unable to open the file I was working on (neither its autosave files) - every time I try that, substance painter just closes.

My system specs: Alienware Area 51m (RTX 2080 Super 8GB, i9-9900K, 64GB RAM), Windows 10, SP 6.2.0.

On substance website I read that in case of Alienware or Dell computers there can be an issue with this, related to 2 specific DBRO shells. I followed steps in there using ShellExView, but no Alien Respawn entries are found in there - neither anything related to dell or alienware.
Some further investigation says that these shells should be located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell Backup and Recovery\Components\Shell but no Dell backup and recovery folder is on my disc, so I am quite clueless.

Another thing I tried was reverting to old GPU drivers using Windows Device Manager, but it didnt solve the issue.

If anyone could help with this I would greatly appreciate it
I am attaching log file in attachments.


If the crashes didn't happen until upgrading your GPU then roll back your drivers to the latest stable version.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

I tried rolling back drivers to the last stable version and also tried some older drivers such as January 2020, no change.
Tried also checking for software clashing and none of the mentioned helped