Author Topic: Wacom tablet wont map the whole workspace  (Read 889 times)


I updated my Substance Painter to the version 6.2.0 and now my wacom tablet is no longer working properly. It's like the  mapped area is smaller than my monitor. I attached a screenshot showing the area in red.
I'm using a wacom intuos5 (PTH-450K) with the newest driver (6.3.40-2) and already done all configuration suggested by SP to make the pen pressure work on the last version. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Thank you for reading
Luiza McAllister (2Minds Studio)

Could you attach a log file please?
Also what does your setup look like? Do you have multiple monitors? Do they use the same resolution?

Hi Jeremie!

I attached the log.
I use two monitors, my main is a DELL U2518D (2560X1440) and the second is a LG 23EA53 (1920X1080)
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Luiza McAllister (2Minds Studio)

After 2 days trying, I reinstalled SP on other HD and it works. No idea what was this bug about, kept the same wacom driver settings.
Luiza McAllister (2Minds Studio)