Author Topic: Changing mesh collapses layers  (Read 821 times)

In previous versions of SP, I could update my mesh in the project configuration and it would retain the brush strokes and layers. Now when I change the mesh there it gives me a brand new scene (deleting layers and brush strokes). Anyone else experiencing this?

Make sure you reassign your texture set through the settings menu in the Texture Set list window.

Yes. I and other freelancers I work with have noticed this and it majorly screws up our workflow. I'm having it sometimes delete some layers ( usually all the smart materials ), sometimes it deletes everything.

It means I can no longer send out a sample file and have people just swap in a new mesh and rebake/import their resources/mesh maps knowing materials will be assigned to the correct IDs etc..
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I'm having the same issue changing the mesh voids out all layers / work done.