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Substance Versions
Editor: 10.1.1
Engine: 7.2.9

Recently I was having issues with my substance nodes in maya, I would always create a Substance (texture) node, and connect my .sbsar file, Create network.  and it would work perfect

But now, when I do this, my Base Color does not show. And I couldnt figure out why.
So I updated Maya from 2020 to 2020.2

So now I have an even bigger problem..  when I go to create the substance network in maya I get a Microsoft Visual C++ Error (see image)

I re-installed the 2008 Redistribute files and this did not fix this issue
The Sbsar files work perfectly on my other machine. Both identical setups and versions.

Please help with any ideas you may have

For some reason, the Substance Linker is failing to load the Substance file. It has nothing to do with the visual C++ distribution.

If you type 'substanceUtilityGetLinkerVersion' in the script editor, what does it print out?

Perhaps the install got messed up somehow, so maybe try to uninstall the plugin and get the newest installer off the website to reinstall it.
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I get this same exact error. Maya 2019, latest substance plugin version.

When I type that command, I receive this:

// Result: 7.0.0 //

That means there is some sort of old substance linker binary laying around somewhere, the newest one should return 7.2.9. My guess is the old plugin is still installed. What happens is it will load that one first, even if the old plugin is disabled. The linker won't recognize sbsar files from the newer designer version.
Software Engineer, Integrations
Maya, 3ds Max and Core Libraries