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I'm relatively new to designer, having said that; everything seems to be working in Designer using the preview buttons. However if i press the save and open in player button i get

Cooker Version 10.1.0  0xd6d2c783 Jun 11 2020
Front End...
Back End...
Linking : Linker Version 7.2.9  0x51db286b Jun 11 2020
Linking : Started.
Link process failed: Invalid assembly or version.

but when i press publish selected elements the designer console reads
[MSG][1515][Export]SBSAR export succeed: F:/CleanSuitBuild/SBS_Group/2020_NascarDriverSuit_002/2020_NascarDriverSuit_004_Test.sbsar

Then when I manually open the sbsar in player i get the warning "Cannot load Substance binary file"

at one point I could publish the sbsar file then i got this message on one of my test publishes

attached is my Console log and i can DM someone the .sbs zip but its rather large and proprietary
using Designer version 2019.1.2 on windows 10 and the latest Player version(as of yesterday)


Thank you for reaching out to us!

During my testing, I was able to successfully load SBSAR files published using the 2019.1 release in the latest version of Substance Player.
To investigate this issue further, please share the SBS file and its dependencies as you suggested. I have sent you a link to a restricted access OneDrive folder you can safely upload the files to.

To easily do this, go to the Explorer panel in Substance Designer, then right-click on the SBS package and select the Export with dependencies… option in the contextual menu. I recommend checking the Build Archive option in order to create a 7z archive file for simple transfer – it is similar to ZIP.

​​You may upload this archive to the OneDrive folder using the link sent to your email address.

Thank you for your time and help!

Best regards,
QA Analyst
Substance Designer Team

I uploaded it, thanks for the help

Hey RustyAce,

I took a look to your problem and I found why you get this.
It seems the amount of bitmaps used in your project is too big to be handled by Player.
I sent you a private message with some ideas to solve this problem.

Thanks !
QA Analyst