Author Topic: Linear vs Raw and when to use them (Legacy color mode)  (Read 132 times)

I am taking a class right now where I am learning Substance Designer, so I am pretty novice at it.  I do however have a basic understanding of color spaces which boils down to, "If it's a color map that you can see, use sRGB. Otherwise use linear".  However, the option of choosing "raw" is an unfamiliar option to me. 

I've tried to research it's purpose here which seems to say sRGB = Raw.    So if my 2 assumptions are true (1: use Linear for all maps representing data, and 2: Raw and sRGB are one in the same), I should be manually setting most of my map exports to linear despite the majority of them defaulting to Raw... right?

I feel like im missing something or not reading between the lines, because every one I've asked about it has assumed that Raw was another form of Linear while admitting this was more instinct than knowledge.

So, is my understanding correct?