Author Topic: Color Space Conversions with Phyton - How to do it?  (Read 882 times)

Hi everyone,

previously I created pixel processors to convert colors into other color spaces and back, but I could have been much faster using phyton scripts.

Right now I am a little overwhelmed with the docs about phyton in Substance. Could anyone recommend me what to use and read to be able to setup a color space conversion as quickly as possible?

Would be great!

What I would like to have at the end is a node that I simply can drag in and use. In best case something shareable as a sbsar.

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It is not possible to use Python to create your own custom nodes.

Pixel processors are the best way to implement color conversions in Designer.
There are in the library some color conversion nodes you can use directly or as a reference to implement your own.

You could also try colour-substance:
It seems very complete.