Author Topic: Feature Requests / impressions after downloading v1.1.0  (Read 2811 times)

Hi guys,

First of all congrats for the new version of Painter. Backface culling and Lazy mouse alone made my day (let's say week :) )

I have a small list of enhancements though, that would probably make my list of feature requests complete for the v1.0 cycle.

There we go:
- Lazy Mouse is great, but a bit confusing: the transparent cursor is a bit annoying when using a large radius, and I find the zbrush feedback way better.
Something like this would be preferred:

- Stroke along path is great, but there should be an option to bend the alpha accordingly.

- Precise Alpha positioning like in ZBrush (Drag Rect): click and drag to position/rotate/scale a single alpha stroke.
I haven't a picture of this as only a video could explain it, but it is extremely important.
The only video I found on youtube is this one:

- Blur tool

- Clone brush

- Export!
  • Real PSD export. the current psd exporter is not that useful. What would really help instead, would be the option to export the current layer stack as photoshop file.
  • Export selected layer
  • Export selected texture set

- The Layer palette could be improved. For example there should be a different icon for fill layer. Groups could be colored.
If I select a layer inside a group instead, maybe all the layers in that group could receive a (very) light highlight too.
Just an example:

Thank you again for 1.1 !

+1 for all of that. And I'll add to the psd export idea and say let's send ALL of the texture sets into a psd file. I like that each channel is in a group and it is ready to be used. Would be PERFECT for Substance Designer when you put the textures together.

Thanks for the feedback!
These are all valid points.

+1 to the features as well, they are pretty much intuitive things asked for.

On the note of color, I would totally agree with folder colors and folder sub highlights. Especially with these visual aspects of the software having color definition is crucial and since the UI is black, having contrast(user defined) would definitely add to workflow speed for myself anyway. :)


Also would it be possible to create a mask based on the mesh in the texture sets? Much better than dilation and we can have control with the mask to cut off parts we don't want. I may have to create a user channel and call it Mask and see what that does. In photoshop, I can add a mask border myself.

EDIT: We could have the mask that belongs to the texture set be created on export (optional) and it can be applied to the correct set. Way better and less work on my part. Also if you guys do implement this, it would be awesome if the name of the layers were named after the texture set.
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