Author Topic: How to get Painter to work with a custom PYTHONPATH  (Read 221 times)

Ever since version 6.1.1 where this fix went in:
[Python] PYTHONPATH env var is not taken into account
Painter won't load at my studio unless we wipe out our PYTHONPATH environment variable.  All of our other art tools rely on that so we can't do that.  We can't upgrade past 6.1.0 because of this. 
Is there any guidance on how to get Painter to play nice with our existing PYTHONPATH variable?
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I have also asked this question as well. There seems to be some sort of issue with getting Substance to recognize the path as well. Testing with sys.path manually gets results as well and locally I can get a start up script to change the path around to work, but trying to deploy the tool to a team member does not work and the path will not be setup correctly.

Really frustrating that there is no support on this issue.