Author Topic: substance painter not responding on startup SOS  (Read 615 times)

i have an issue ...substance painter cannot says NO RESPONDING on an empty white page. Some times it opened but after some hours when i wanted to re-open it , it was not responding again... I tried uninstall it and reinstall it. i updated my drivers . i updated my windows . i downloaded 3 different older versions . i runed DISM and SFC. I added substance on GPU driver profile setting. i turned off my antivirus .i checked my alienware for the extensions that were recommended (it didnt have any) . i blocked it from entering internet.
 i did every single action that was recommended from the technical support shown underneath.
i have a dell alienware P38E laptop with a GeForce RTX 2070.
did anyone have the same issue?
can anyone help? :( :'(

Are you 100% sure your RTX 2070 is being used and not an integrated GPU? In device manager disable any GPU that isn't your RTX. Make sure you're not running SLI if using dual 2070 supers.

If that doesn't work, try :
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