Author Topic: Makeing acceptable materials from manufacturer's textures  (Read 137 times)

Hi guys. I've learned about Substance Alchemist a few days ago and I'd really appreciate if you could help with that task.
My father is a woodworker and he makes furniture with a material called MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), witch is very common in my country (Brazil).
He recently asked me to help him to make images of his products because it's way easier than taking a good photo, at least for us. So now comes the problem... we wish to make the materials in the renders as realistic as possible and, most important, as close as possible to the real ones. Unfortunately, the manufacturers does not provide high resolution/quality images of their MDF Sheets. These are some of the images I got from their websites:

In that case, would Alchemist help me with that? If so, is there a tutorial I could follow? I know it's limited because of the image quality, but I'd really appreciate if it could help in some way.
Stay safe, guys.

You can follow the tutorial to learn how Image to Material AI Powered is working.

If the quality isn't what you want due to images resolution you can create your own wood planks:

Quality Engineer
Alchemist User Manual
Alchemist release note