Author Topic: filters won't show me any options  (Read 444 times)


as said in the title, when i drag and drop a filter into my layer stack and left click it (or right click it or middle mouse or double or tripple or whatever I've tried so far) nothing happens. I know there should appear a window with lots of options depending on the filter I chose, but nothing. I also can't tweak parameters of my imported materials. It seems alchemist twitches, when I click stuff in my layer stack but that's all that happens. So... What am I doing wrong?

Hi MehrRettig,

Indeed, left clicking on a layer in the stack should toggle the properties pane just on the left of the stack. Can you see this pane and it is empty, or can't you see it at all ?

You are talking about filters... does this mean you manage to have this panel for materials ?
I don't really understand what you mean by twitching. Would be nice if you could send us a short video of this. Could you also join the log file ?
Thanks for reporting the issue.