Author Topic: 2D view stencil not scaling  (Read 4216 times)

In 3d view Stencil Zoom works fine.  In 2D view it is not scaling.  It stays at Standard size.  It looks correct in the preview, but when you paint it scales to default.

Correction - it appears it does scale, just not in proportion to what you see in the preview. 

Yeah I have the same problem... the stencil can be used but it doesn't match with what I have on screen at all.
Sometimes you wan't to use stencil on the UVs (that is strait) instead of painting on the mesh.
In my character i want to put a zipper with height and full material but in the 3D View the zipper is turning... and it becomes so complicated.

I have the same problem! I hope it will be fixed in the next build.

Which version are you guys using?
I have no issues with the stencil scale in 1.0.2.

I'm on 1.0.2 (build520) too... :(

Affirmative. stencil scale doesn't fit maps when zoomed. Painter 1.0.2 b520 for Mac.
It's really getting annoying. I mean different critical bugs in different versions.

It's the only real bug i've seen since the first beta release... Lucky me !
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We'll get this sorted out. Are you all using Macs by any chance?

Unfortunately no.

I'm on Windows 7 64

I managed to repro the issue on my side, we will be working on a fix.

Sorry Jeremie.   Forgot to check this.   Yup 1.0.2 win 8.1

Hello I didn't check the new version of painter yet but I wandered if the problem was solved within the announced fixed bugs ? THX

Yes it's been fixed in 1.1.