Author Topic: Input Color node is not showing image  (Read 859 times)

I have an Input Color node connected to a Base Color output.  I imported an image as a linked resource and copied its resource URL to the input's PKG Resource Path field.  The Input Color node doesn't seem to be picking it up. 

The resource URL should be correct as when I click on the Display Resource Properties button that is above the PKG Resource Path field, it takes me to the linked resource.  I can double-click the resource and it shows up in the 2D view.  On the Color Input, if I choose to View Output in 2D View, it is all black.

Am I missing something? Simple project is attached.

I'm using an Input node because I plan on changing the image via python.  A Bitmap node won't work as I can't change file path via script (as far as I know).

I was on the current version Substance_Designer-10.1.3-3687 and had the same problem.
I found out it broke since the first version of designer 2020.
In the last 2019 version there it still worked to drag the image from the explorer onto the inputColor node and it would show and pass on the data
to the linked nodes.
And i have the same problem on my workComputer so it is something general.

I can't really imagine that it is broken (it would be for 8 month now) there must be a setting (for whatever reason) that is not set properly. It would be unimaginable that allegorithmic wouldn't have fixed that immediately.

Can please somebody tell me what changed and how to use external maps (when using the material-graph in substancePainter) now ?
I couldn't find anything related to that on the web.

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