Author Topic: diffuse texture metals showing black  (Read 1727 times)

I use a lot of SOurce materials in UE4. When I download metals in my project the diffuse texture is black and I cant change it. Is this a bug or do I have to check some screte box. Never had this issue before. Working in 4.25.1

Hello, please give a link to the material so that I can see what can be done with it.

Hi man. Thanks for taking a look. This is just one of the materials that does'nt work. But I'm having the smae iussue with other metals.

Hi Oscar,

It is normal that the diffuse map is black as it is made to be used with the specular and glossiness maps.

You want to be plugging the Base Color map as the base color instead of the diffuse!
PO @ Allegorithmic

Hi Marion,

Thanks for your reply. I attached two examples. One is a material that works properly, the other one of the metals that does'nt work. I just donload them trough the substance plugin. The material blue print is as it is when downloaded, with a map thats named diffuse map pluged into the base colour.

I've shared your message with my colleagues from the unreal integration team.

In the meantime to be able to use those materials with their actual color you could use the Substance Player (which you can download for free

Once the material of your choice is imported you can export the base color, and import it manually in Unreal. Then you can plug it into the base color in place of the diffuse, and you shoud be back to having the original colors to the materials
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Cool. Thanks so far!