Author Topic: Issues importing sbsar to Painter  (Read 799 times)

I get this issue when trying to import my material into Substance Painter from a sbsar file I created myself.

Code: [Select]
[EngineProcedural] Failed to decode Substance.

It looks fine in Substance Player.

The sbsar file is available here:

The sbs file available here (with it's single dependency, an svg file):

Edit: Can also mention I did try to export it without the resource, but still getting the same issue.
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Your problem is due to having an input node here:

If you want that grayscale just add a uniform color node, select grayscale, copy the value of the gray with the color pick from the node preview of your input node, then delete it and re-hook:

Then it will work perfect in Painter:

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I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

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How come it doesn't work with an input? If you have the time to explain that is.

Input nodes are a special type of node that creates a dynamic slot in your graph, allowing for any input to be connected once your Graph is used in another context. Unlike Output Nodes, you have to explicitely place either a Color, Grayscale or Value input. It is not possible to create your own "agnostic" inputs that change type depending on what is connected to them.

Inputs are only used when you want to base your Graph or Node Instance's result on an external input, for example when creating an Instance or a Filter for Painter.

See the documentation:

I've used Input Nodes for helpers in Painter and they would act as a slot where I could drop in a resource. For the purpose of having a solid fill you would use the Uniform Color node.

The reason this is causing a problem is because you put a value in the range beyond black:

If you did move it all the way to black it wouldn't give you the error anymore but you should be using Uniform Color for solid fills unless you want to actually plug in something there.

This is why the other part in your graph doesn't throw the error:

But again, you should be using the Uniform Color node unless you need to have a slot.

If you want to change the range you can even expose the range and have access to that in Painter.

If you wanted to make that node take in an input itself you could make your graph work:

Then in Painter you'll see an option to plug something in:

I can make a fill and anchor it to show an example:

I think you just got confused and used the wrong node.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

I looked at this more based on another thread I was helping in.

Based on the documents adding a default value was added in 2020.2 of Designer so it must be too new and Painter doesn't support this yet in the engine is my guess so you're forced to use Black as the default until Painter catches up.

Assuming this is the case... once Painter is in sync engine wise I would guess you could start setting a default value other than black. If I'm wrong someone please clarify.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)