Author Topic: Messing of UV maps  (Read 993 times)

Hello ,

    While re-importing my mesh from Maya after correcting some issue. Substance painter auto unwrap is messing up my pre-existing UVs. Its rearranging my entire UV set. I dont get, why suddenly its doing so???
previously it was not the case

It should only do it if you are missing some UVs or if you forced the unwrap in the Auto unwrap settings.

Hello thanks for the reply, that was not the case. After going back and forth from maya and substance for about 30 mins
and rechecking every bit of uvs , finally figured it out. If you have two object with same name , or same name exist within the group
Created or have double duplicates or hidden object this errors occurs.
  Another glitch was , in middle of texturing if you go back to maya  and add a object or modify some lre existing object
And bring back, the auto uv re-arranges your pre existing uv. Then just go to edit again and re-import again the same edited obj
The software goes back to your original uv layout which you have set in maya.