Author Topic: I have a change order to an object mesh - I suppose I have to start over?  (Read 496 times)

I'm new at Painter 6.1.3

Is it necessary to create UV's in 3DS MAX when in Painter I create maps with 'Bake Mesh Maps' under TEXTURE SET SETTINGS?

I've been asked to add geometry to a mesh. Do have to start all over?
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Youcan either create UVs in a 3rd party app or use the Automatic UV option when creating your project, but you will need UVs to bake yes.
If you change the geometry, depending on how extensive the change is, you may need to redo your texturing yes. If you want to keep your existing work, you can export it from the old mesh and reimport it in a fill layer, it will be flattened but at least you won't have to redo everything from scratch.