Author Topic: Which outputs to use for UE4?  (Read 2388 times)


I'm still very new to Substance, and I'm trying to figure out which outputs I should be using in my final substances for use in UE4. Right now I'm using basecolor, normal, metallic, roughness. Should I also be using ambient occlusion and heightmap? I'm finding AO support in UE4, but having a hard time finding how to integrate heightmaps, so I haven't used them thus far.


Hi, I don't know how substances integrate with UE4 materials, but for sure you can use the exported heightmaps as an input to "Bump Offset" nodes on UE4 materials. This achieves a sort of parallax effect on your material, although I did never get any remarkable results yet (probably due to my poor quality heightmaps and because I'm quite noob on UE4 materials).

Also, that heightmaps can be used for tesselation too, but tesselation is a GPU heavy effect I believe, so it might not be suitable for your project.

Okay, thanks. That's a start, at least.