Author Topic: Substance plugin doesn't work as normal package  (Read 472 times)

I just updated substance plugin into our project to 2.5.1 from 2.4.5 but I found several issues on a process which in theory an one click action. Tested in 2019.3.6f1 and 2019.4.2f1 on windows
  • First of all, Package Manager doesn't recognize the new version only 2.4.5 and doesn't see substance plugin as an already installed plugin. So to update it I had to remove manually the cached package of the Asset Store, doing this the Package Manager shows the new version so now I'm enabled to download and install it.
    Funny thing of this is that after the installation and re-import Package Manager shows again 2.4.5 as the last downloadable version and doesn't recognize Substance plugin as installed.
  • Because how Substance plugin is installed, everything inside assets folder, we are forced to add the whole plugin into our version control system instead a single line of the "manifest.json" file.

There is any possibility to fix this ?
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Hello @malvakian, what version of Unity are you using? Is this on a Mac or Windows? Do you see any error messages on the console?

Hi AliSafari,

Tested in 2019.3.6f1 and 2019.4.2f1 on windows but after test these issues on 2019.4.2f1 I realized that all my complains come from the fact that Substance Plugin is in Assets Store not a GIT repository that why there is not references in manifest.json and all files are stored in Assets folder.
So the only real issue is why I see version 2.4.5 as the latest version in the Package Manager windows but in the website is 2.5.1 but I doubt this can be solved in the side of substance team.


@malvakian The only place you can get Substance plugin is in Unity's Asset Store and the latest version of the plugin is 2.5.1 which always installs in the Assets folder. As to why you the latest version showed up at 2.4.5. I can't say why it happened.  :)