Author Topic: Programs won't launch on windows  (Read 683 times)


I'm trying to get a trail version started on my Window's machine, but I've got the problem non of the programs will launch. I've installed Substance Launcher and installed both Painter and Designer. Neither of them will launch properly. I've been in contact by mail with Victor Letreguilly, but he couldn't help me.

What's happening is when I, either press the blue 'launch' button in Launcher or the application from the Windows start menu is that I get the hexagon shaped loading/splash screen, which then disappears with nothing happening. In Launcher, the blue button, when clicked on, turns grey, displaying 'Running' and then when the application won't run, turns blue again with the message 'Launch'.

I was able to run it on my Mac, but I prefer working with this program on my Windows machine. I have got a activation window on my Mac and made a screenshot of this. I won't get an activation window on my Windows PC. I won't get the change to choose a trail version either. Further more, on my Window machine the program doesn't create a folder in my AppData folder where you would be able to manually enter a licence key so I can't enter the one I made the screenshot of in there. Can you help me?

Kind regards,

Ronald Fleurbaaij