Author Topic: Drag and Drop a texture onto a surface?  (Read 519 times)


I'm fairly new to the software but already enjoy all of its features.
Now, although most of the things work and are pretty easy to find, I'm stuck with a particular problem.
This will definately be something you can answer in one sentence and I'm terribly sorry for bringing up
such a beginner question here, but I've tried everything and I'm either blind or I'm thinking too complicated.

My problem is as follows: Suppose I want to coat my whole object in the same paint or texture.
What I did was to drag it from the menu on the bottom of the screen onto my object.
This works and gives me a pretty even coating.
Now, I'm expecting to continue to do stuff on the same layer but I can't seem to finish that drag and drop.

In things like Adobe Photoshop, once you do let's say free transformation you get a menu and you have to either
cancel or accept the result to continue, right? But here it seems like I'm stuck in this drag and drop.
I apply the texture but I'm still in this selection mode. If I choose another texture, I won't even have to drag it,
just clicking it will change my texture on the object into the new one, as if I'm still locked inside a menu.

And I cannot seem to find any plausible button or way to just apply that texture like it is and continue to draw onto it with the brush for example.

Could anyone please point out to me what I'm missing here?
I don't think it's complicated but as I said, I cannot seem to find it.

Many thanks.