Author Topic: Substance re-rendering textures all the time with Maya / V-Ray  (Read 829 times)

Hi there,

I'm using V-Ray Next for Maya update 2.2 with Maya 2020.1 and Substance in Maya 2.1.4 on macOS 10.15.4. It's generally working great, with one major caveat: the Substance plugin is re-rendering its textures far more often than is necessary, which slows down my Maya workflow. Specifically:

- whenever I open a project in Maya that uses Substance materials, all of the materials get re-rendered
- whenever I batch render a sequence (in my case with V-Ray Distributed Rendering), the Substance plug-in re-renders the textures for every frame in the sequence when V-Ray prepares the frames for rendering.

Is there anything I can do to disable this constant re-rendering? I would expect the plugin to only re-render when the substance material settings change.

Right now it rerenders on load without loading image data from a cache. We're looking at adding this to a future release.

For the second, I'm not certain, but perhaps something is getting copied or duplicated by VRay. I'll need to look at it.
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