Author Topic: Question about linking parameters  (Read 1005 times)

       I'm working on a tile material and i wanted to learn how to link parameters so that when i increase tiling for the main tile generator. the child nodes such as masks and such will also tile with it. i saw a youtube tutorial where it was mentioned that i can create a global input parameter and link the masks and such to that parent input. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi lohitrsheety,

You can try creating a new parameter, so we can use it as our 'global input'. (In my case, I created one named 'globalTile')

Then select the node parameter that you would like to control with the new 'global input' and link the function of your 'global input' parameter to it.(Like shown below) Once they are linked, you would be able to control all the linked parameters with the 'global input'.

*You can do this to multiple parameters as long as the parameters you are linking and your 'global input' parameter types match.

I hope this helps,


Hello polyheim,
                       Thanks for the info. After posting my question i figured it out how get it done :)