Author Topic: How can I get color of channel_user0 in custom shader?  (Read 758 times)

first of all. I'm sorry about my English is bad and my scripting is  beginner level.
I want to use channel_user0 in ShadingOutput

for example
import lib-sampler.glsl

//: param auto channel_basecolor
uniform SamplerSparse basecolor_tex;

//: param auto channel_user0
uniform SamplerSparse coloradd_tex;

void shade(V2F inputs)
  vec3 color = getBaseColor(basecolor_tex, inputs.sparse_coord);
  vec3 coloradd = ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  diffuseShadingOutput(color + coloradd);

what should I put on there?
How can I get color of channel_user0
plz. help me.

No need to double post. Please follow up in your original thread here :,34262