Author Topic: Activation Wizard issues  (Read 818 times)

It's been a few weeks since I used Painter.  Tried to run it today and I'm getting the following error:

There is an issue to contact our server (status 500). Please try again later.
etc. etc.

The problem is, I generally use Substance products about once a month or every couple of months.  Lately (for several months now) I run into this issue.  My internet connection is fine and all other subscription software is working fine.  It is only with Substance that I have this problem.

Is there something I should look into that could be the culprit?  It's not very convenient to have to download a license file everytime I want to use the software.  I miss the days of just buying it, installing it, using it.

On further attempts, I see that it is only affecting Painter, not Designer or Alchemist.  I'm thinking maybe it was just an old saved password.