Author Topic: Alchemist exports PNGs at wrong bit depth  (Read 215 times)


I've just found out that Alchemist exports PNG images at wrong bit depth, resulting in incompatibility with Unreal Engine 4. By default, Alchemist exports all PNG files as 16bit, including Albedo. This is wrong as albedo generally does not contain HDR information. Unreal handles 16 bit images differently, as it expects them to contain HDR data, as a result, these textures are always imported wrong.

This is default alchemist output:

You can see the albedo in Unreal ends up totally wrong.

This is once the PNG has been resaved correctly as 8bit format

The idea of having to manually fix every texture set Alchemist outputs is quite frustrating.

No other image formats are an option unfortunately. JPGS will leave visible quantization artifacts on heightmaps and normal maps. TGAs are ancient, soon to be dead format that can't easily be browsed in windows file explorer with visible thumbnails. TIFFs are inefficient and the support for this image format is spotty. Sbsars are not an option since it's proprietary format now owned by Adobe, so it has no future.

Unfortunately due to this issue, the Alchemist compatibility with Unreal engine now suffers as it's no longer a comfortable, seamless process but requires manual fix of technical issue.


Thanks for reporting the issue. Do you get this issue for all your exports? Can you send me a screenshot of one of your layer stack, please?

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