Author Topic: Material on brickwall generator doesn't appear  (Read 324 times)

Hi, I'm new to this forum and to Alchemist software.
I create a material from bitmap and i happy for that, but, nou I have to create a tiled floor with this material but, when I apply  Brickwall or stonefloor generator material of brick still black..I don't see material on bricks.
Other generator works well but I need to use brick pattern.

How can I fix this problem?

Are you working in PBR Specular/Glossiness?
Substance Alchemist Product Manager

Hi, yes Specular/glossiness

Some filters like the brick wall or stone wall are not working in specular/glossiness but only Metal/Roughness.

We advise to work using the Metal/Roughness when possible and use the Metal/Rough to Spec/Gloss export preset if you need Diffuse, Specular and Glossiness as outputs.
Substance Alchemist Product Manager