Author Topic: Will materials become unavailable when I unsubscribe or expire?  (Read 1605 times)

Hey guys, if my one-year subscription has expired and I don't renew it, will the material resources I've downloaded become unusable (there's a permanent license for a Substance Painter 2020 already)?

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Chinese people can not see Google robot verification, this is a common sense.
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Hi, the materials you have downloaded don't expire and you own them forever.

Thank you for your answer, XD
Oh, I also see substance designer 2020 in the subscription, but I don't have a permanent license for it. Will I be unable to use substance designer 2020 after the subscription ends?

The software is tied to the subscription, so indeed, you won't be able to use them if your subscription ends.

What happens to the unused points on Substance Source ?

They are carried over each month and will always be part of your account - even if you cancel your subscription you can still use your points.