Author Topic: Substance Source treats Microsoft Edge desktop browser as mobile  (Read 793 times)

The page incorrectly detects the browser type, and disables the live material previews.  This is a big deal for those of us on Windows 10 using the new browser.

This is happening with the new Edge that is Chromium based.  Any quick fixes (not workarounds such as recommending switching browsers) would be appreciated!

The player should work fine with the new Edge (it does on my computer). What do you see when you try to display the 3d viewer?

I have no add-ons with new Edge on Windows 10 1909.  Whenever I click on the last preview "dot" for a material, I just get a message of "Not compatible with mobile devices."

I think I found the problem for you though - I am using a browser on my second screen, which is a vertically-oriented monitor (portrait orientation vs the normal landscape orientation).  The resolution is 1050x1680.  I think this is tricking the page into thinking it's running on a phone.  If I move it to my primary screen, it does in fact work.

EDIT: I just tested it and it seems to do this with any browser if it's in a vertical orientation.

Interesting, thank you for the find!