Author Topic: Vray5 3dsmax not compatible with substance materials  (Read 3055 times)

I guess Substance team is aware of the situation. But I couldn't find any documentation about it.

I have been trying to use substance materials using the Substance plugin for 3dsmax 2021, with the new Vray5 renderer loading into substance2 material and using the substance plugin to create Vray Material.

I got the warning you can see in the screenshot.

This creates a non-interactive material liking the maps to the vray material but not allowing interactivity with the substance2 materials to tweak the substance.

I also had several crushes trying to use it.

Will substance give support to this render? Any solution in the short term?

Thank you.

Some of this has been changed since 3ds Max 2021 has been released. Have you updated the plugin? 2.3.4 is the newest version, 2.3.1 is what came with 3ds Max 2021.
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Thanks so much for the fast answer and my apologies.

I thought I had the last version of the plugin installed.
I couldn't find any comment in the download page about any new version released. Just the download button with for 3DMax2021. Same thing I saw when I download it months ago.

Not warnings when I load substance with that version so far.

I had a couple of issues though.

With a particular Test scene the object turned black and do not update the material to a new substance I loaded on it.

Also, the material editor starts running really slow when few substances are loaded on it.

One last question. What would be the way to apply the material with triplanar projection instead of right into the UVs with the substance2 node. would that be Coordinates-> Mapping -> Planar from Object/World XYZ ?

Thanks so much.

Substance in 3ds max 2018 is still version 2.3.4
The latest version 2.4.0 is only for 3ds max 2019 and later.
Anyway, pls find the attached as it shows version 2.4.0 is for 3ds max 2018 also.