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I'm running 3ds max 2021 with Corona 6 and substance plugin 2.4.0 and my scene now constantly gives me this error (paramblock2) when trying to load it.

I've uninstalled the plugin and tried to open the file, it crashes instantly, i've reinstalled the plugin and tried to open the file, still the error. I tried to merge the scene to a blank scene and any asset i merge from the broken scene crashes max instantly. I've tried opening other scenes that also use the plugin and they work fine.

Is there anyway to get around this error? I've been working on this project for 3 weeks and really don't want to see it go to waste

(quick edit, i've seen the big thread of this been discussed and one of the Dev's said that 2.40 should fix this which is why i'm asking for help in a new thread)

Edit 2. I was able to start merging over assets without max crashing, not sure what changed but its letting me do it so, not going to complain.
I finally found the asset that was causing the issue and it was an x-ref'd asset using a substance2 node for one of its textures, if that helps at all with solving why this happened
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Did you start the scene in 2.4.0, or did you start it in a previous one?

Merging scenes should work fine with newly created scenes and assets, but if a scene was broken via a previous version, it can't fix that. It just does things to make sure that future or new scenes don't run into it.
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