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I' would like to merge all my layer because it's a very huge scene . I was Thinking ,that it would be easy after I baked .
Now I have a base color/height/metalic/oa/normal/roughness .but no idea how to use it when I'm back in mesh maps (3)
I read some stuff about the file layer .....

First ,if someone understand what I'm talking about :)
second,If someone got a good idea..thanks

You can drop them in a fill layer and drop them into the slots. Keep in mind that if you drop your normal into a fill layer and your height as well you'll double up, so I would suggest using the normal map.

You'll have to click the + sign under Texture Sets where you see Channels and add A/O then you can drop that map into the slot in your fill layer as well.
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Yes thanks,it's working