Author Topic: Material appears much glossier when exporting from Designer to Blender  (Read 912 times)

I'm mostly posting this to see if there is some kind of conversion I need to run on roughness maps when exporting from Substance Designer to Blender.

I'm exporting the roughness map as a 'raw' in Substance Designer, and using it with 'Non-Color Data' for the Principled BSDF shader in Blender Eevee. The difference is so pronounced and obvious that I doubt it's just an engine difference. I think I must be doing something wrong.

Both images are using the corsica beach HDRI included with Substance.

Is there an obvious conversion step I'm missing when going from Designer to Blender?

The 3D view has a "quality" setting in the preference that can dramatically affect the material response to light. The setting tell how many samples are performed and the default setting is actually quite low. Resulting in some cases in a slightly rougher result.

Go to the preferences/3d view and change the sample count to at least 128. I think the result will be closer to Unity.

We have changed the default setting for the next minor version.
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