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Dear friends,

It has been quite an adventure since we first launched Substance Painter Beta back in March. We had the feeling that we might actually be onto something unique at first, however we did not imagine such an amazing response from the community of 3D artists worldwide (you guys! Thanks again!).

The community has grown substantially since and we believe this is only the beginning: next Wednesday, October 15th, we will be releasing the long-awaited Substance Painter 1.0.

For this launch, we would like to ask for your support:

In order to see this release echo throughout the entire 3D community, and to write the future of digital asset production together, we want to use a simple tool developed by our friends at Launchcrew. The idea is simple, yet powerful: if you want to help us, you just have to register and, on D-Day, Launchcrew will publish a single post on Facebook and/or Twitter on your behalf about the release (which you can already see on the Launchcrew page):

This common effort could make a huge difference and mark the date of October 15th as the start of the new generation of texture painting.

Thank you all so much for contributing, let's build the future of 3D together!


Head of Substance Demo Art Team
Twitter: The3DNinja


now release SD 4.5.1 already.  8)

Now I´m counting the minutes to the release....  :o 8) :)

Signed up too :)
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