Author Topic: Substance Painter 1.1 Preview!  (Read 12065 times)

Hi all, Substance Painter 1.1 is just around the corner (December 16th), here is a sneak peak of the new wonders you'll find in there along with a BIG surprise:

  • Mask by Material ID
  • Copy/Paste of Layer Stack between Materials
  • Export Outputs to PSD
  • Lazy Mouse
  • Backface Culling
  • Massive performance improvements
  • New content, bugfixes and much more :)
More information and screenshots over there!

Very nice :)

Yes this is really great !

Great job guys !

That sounds awesome... I can't wait to fully use the colour 2 ID feature. Also will copying layers work between projects... such as I have a texture on one model that will work on another?

Copying will only work in the same project on different texture sets for now, but we are working on it!

Wait for!!!!!!

Downloading! :D

Sweet! Any news on when we might see Grids/Snapping introduced for the viewports?

Maybe today ,  steam update of painter 35mb ?

Don't why steam downloading again 35mb
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actually ,have nothing meaningful to say !