Author Topic: How to generate multiple "random seed" results without multiplying nodes?  (Read 952 times)

I have created a node chain to generate semi-random shapes that i need. Shapes that changes when the global random seed is changed. Is there a way to collect them with that random seed variations somewhere? Perhaps to keep the generating nodes amount intact, so some node "explodes" the "random seed" variations into individual output nodes without the need of duplicating the "generator" itself?

Im working on a mechanism that will generate variations of 2D assets for game. I guess i will be using PBR nodes at final steps. Atm i think best aproach will be to multiply the pbr node's and their outputs by the number of variations i want to create (so i can export them all at once), but keep "random generators" as small as possible with some form of "exploding" their random outputs, each with different random seed.

I would hate to multiple the number of all "random seed generating" nodes by amount of variations i want to get just to change random seed value in each of them. There must be cleaner and smarter way to do it, yet im to green in Designer to figure it out quickly enough.

Will appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.